6 Tips to Find and Retain Great Tenants

Being a landlord can be very rewarding. It can also be a headache when you don’t have respectful people living in your properties. The good news is that you can make a difference in the type of people who sign the lease. Take these proactive steps to find and retain great tenants. 1. Market Your … Read more

Hiring an Awesome Team

Hiring the Best and Brightest Enhances Your Reputation We all know that your reputation is among your company’s most valuable assets. There are many ways to make, and to break, the positive image of a brand. Consequently, who you hire to work for your company is one of the biggest decisions property managers can make. … Read more

5 Trends To Redefine The Apartment Industry

Property managers and marketers often find themselves competing intensely for the interest and rent dollars of potential residents. While renting out apartments has been a fairly consistent field for a long time, it is now changing at an increasing rate due to technology. Here are five trends that are sure to redefine the apartment industry … Read more

Grow your Property Management Business

Property management business

4 Ways To Grow Your Property Management Business When property owners hire you to manage their investments, it’s for two main reasons. The first is that they may prefer a hands-off approach to property management on their end. The second is that they believe you can produce better results than they could on their own. … Read more

Attract Baby Boomers

As the owner of a rental property, it’s in your best interest to market the unit to as many people as possible. The population of the United States continues to age as baby boomers enter their golden years. This means you’re missing out on a large group of potential renters if you aren’t marketing to … Read more

Winterize your Properties

Summer is winding down, which means winter’s harsh elements are only a few months away. As a property management specialist, your clients count on you to take care of their units so tenants remain safe and happy with their living conditions. While there’s a level of unpredictability with wintery weather, there are steps you can … Read more

Micro Apartments Are on the Rise

Micro apartments

4 Reasons Why Micro Apartments Are on the Rise If you’ve been paying attention to the housing market, chances are good that you are familiar with the increasing popularity of tiny living. What began as a movement for people who wanted to forego the traditional single-family house and mortgage that goes with it has taken … Read more

Why Google Reviews Are Essential

Google Reviews

Like virtually all other businesses today, owners of multifamily apartment complexes know that online reviews matter a great deal. In particular, Google reviews play a major role in the decision-making process for prospective tenants. Understanding how consumers are influenced by reviews can help you figure out the right approach to asking for feedback, responding to … Read more

Do You Love Your Pet?

do you love your pet

As a rental property owner, you’re likely constantly looking for ways to boost your overall occupancy rate. If you don’t already, you’ve probably considered allowing pets on your multi-family property. With help from us here at Opiniion Inc., you can learn more about how allowing four-legged residents in your units can boost your overall occupancy … Read more

Reach Versus Impressions

reach vs impression

A solid social media strategy is essential for growing many types of businesses. To develop your campaign you should identify your target demographic, the platforms it is likely to use and the brand voice you want to promote. However, social media marketing is not “one and done.” You need a way to monitor and analyze … Read more