Case Study: Opiniion + AppFolio Users

In the current resident-centric housing environment, managing resident satisfaction and online reviews is crucial for growth and sustainability. Several prominent property management companies have embarked on a transformative journey by integrating Opiniion, the #1 resident satisfaction platform, with their existing AppFolio Property Management System (PMS). This case study delves into the results generated by Opiniion … Read more

What it Means to be Proactive vs Reactive in Resident Experience

When it comes to identifying the needs and solving the problems of residents, property managers have traditionally taken a reactive approach – addressing problems and critiques as they arise. Reaction to a problem, when appropriate, is a good way to show that the management team is accommodating when necessary and desires to maintain a minimal … Read more

Fair Housing as it Pertains to Review Response

In the digital age, responding to customer reviews has become a crucial aspect of businesses’ engagement with their clients and reputation management. This holds true for various industries, including property management. Review responses are essential to the property management industry as they allow businesses to engage with customers, address concerns, and manage their reputation, ultimately … Read more

The Importance of Online Reviews on Occupancy Rates

In the digital age, online reviews have become a powerful tool that significantly influences consumers’ decisions. This holds true, not only for purchasing products, but also when it comes to choosing a place to live. In the real estate industry, online reviews play a crucial role in establishing occupancy rates of apartments and rental properties. … Read more

Opiniion Feature: Employee Attribution

In today’s fast-paced world, finding the perfect place to call home is a paramount concern for many individuals. Beyond the aesthetics and amenities, the relationship between apartment residents and staff plays a vital role in shaping the overall living experience. Recognizing the significance of this dynamic, a new feature has been built by Opiniion, to … Read more

A Potential Resident’s Checklist

When any resident needs to search for a new place to live, a checklist begins forming in their mind about what they want to find and what is important to their living standards. They’ll come up with standards of an environment, a price, even a feeling they want to get. They’ll come up with questions … Read more

Consider Adding Amenities to Your Property

In today’s competitive real estate market, amenities have become a crucial factor in attracting and retaining tenants. However, not all amenities are created equal, and it is essential for property owners and managers to strike the right balance between offering attractive features and avoiding unnecessary frills.  What is an amenity?  Amenities are a way to … Read more

Opiniion Partners with Braden Fellman

Lindon, UT (April 28, 2023) – Opiniion, a Utah-based resident feedback platform, has recently partnered with Braden Fellman Group, an Atlanta-based development and management company. Braden Fellman has signed with Opiniion to encourage resident feedback. Their use of Opiniion’s automated surveys, email campaigns, feedback requests, etc. has allowed Braden to have access to all feedback … Read more

Opiniion Partners with Carroll Development & Management

Lindon, UT (April 25, 2023) – Opiniion, a fast-growing customer feedback platform has partnered with Carroll Development & Management, a Michigan-based property management company. Carroll Development & Management has partnered with Opiniion in efforts to utilize the automated customer feedback requests and review collection to improve the resident experience.   By using the satisfaction software, Carroll … Read more

Opiniion Partners with LT Property Management

Lindon, UT (April 21, 2023) – Opiniion, a fast-growing customer feedback platform has partnered with LT Property Management, a property management company based out of Spokane, Washington. LT Property Management has decided to partner with Opiniion to use the real-time analytics within the Opiniion product.    “We are excited to partner with Opiniion because they offer the … Read more