customer pain points

How To Find Your Customers Pain Points

Are you able to accurately define what your customers identify as gaps in your service? Do you know what percentage of your customers would refer you to a peer? What do customers say about you to other people online? The answers to these questions and more lie in Voice of Customer (VOC) feedback. And if you don’t leverage it, you should because the information is invaluable.

SuperOffice, a CRM software provider, found this out themselves when they began implementing a VOC approach and their results have been astounding. They are proof that you don’t know what you don’t know. You have to ask, which is exactly what they did. As a result of their Voice of Customer feedback, they changed the language on their homepage from “CRM software to build better customer relationships” to ‘Increase sales, improve customer loyalty”. This simple change to the content text on their homepage resulted in a 60 percent increase in free trials.

Gone are the days when customer loyalty is sustained by price and quality. Today, customers are looking for positive customer experience (CX). Customers are actually willing to pay up to 86 percent more for better CX. What better way to provide a positive customer experience than by leveraging VOC? Asking customers what they want and then delivering it results in a positive customer experience.

Customer Pain Points

VOC is simply requesting customer feedback throughout the customer journey. Identifying customer pain points through initiating feedback and working to resolve issues allows your customers to be heard and to view the experience as positive, overall, despite potential bumps in the road. It also helps your business to grow. The data you collect funnels right back into the marketing pipeline reaching new audiences and tailoring your message to existing audiences, which results in a higher conversion rate as well as customer retention.

How To Easily Capture Voice of Customer 

Opiniion provides software that easily integrates with your existing CRM to capture real-time customer feedback. The software is designed to collect the data you need without adding to already-stretched resources. Outreach is automated and does the work for you. We’re also able to engage in Social Listening, which is a collection of what is being said about your company and services on social media, blog forums, customer reviews and more.

Find out what SuperOffice and others have come to know and reap the material benefits that Voice of Customer provides. Contact us and experience the customer difference yourself.

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