Improve your online reputation, manage your resident reviews and increase rental property occupancy rates with Opiniion.

Managing Your Online Reputation With Opiniion

Resident reviews play a crucial role in helping clients find and trust a business. Online reviews are used by most residents before making a purchase and can be an influential tool in influencing opinions. Resident surveys and reviews are particularly beneficial for property management companies. Property managers are concerned with occupancy rates and resident reviews can influence whether a potential resident decides to get in touch with you. Opiniion is a system that helps property managers interact with their current residents to address current needs and help attract future residents. 

What Is Opiniion?

Opiniion is a technology solution that allows business owners, including property management companies, to solicit and gather feedback from their residents. We work with several high-quality CRM systems to seamlessly collect real-time feedback from current residents. If your property management company struggles to get and respond to reviews, it could be harming your business. Opiniion’s goal is to solicit ratings from current residents to encourage potential residents to schedule a tour. 

Research shows that 97% of consumers read reviews before making purchase decisions. Opiniion helps you leverage the potential of online reviews by highlighting positive reviews and responding to less-than-favorable feedback. Staying on top of your online reputation can help you manage your reputation and increase occupancy rates. 

How Can Opiniion Help Property Managers? 

While client feedback is important in every business, ratings are crucial for the success of property management companies. The main goal of property managers is to attract new residents and ensure current residents have a comfortable living experience. Building a favorable online reputation is crucial to building a good reputation in your city. Many residents have not yet moved to the area when they begin looking for housing options. With virtual tour options and leasing options, an excellent online reputation is a must if you want to attract new residents from all over the country. 

Opiniion can help you leverage the experience of current residents to attract new residents. Further, our real-time feedback enhances the experience of current residents by allowing you to respond to concerns quickly and efficiently. Current residents may be more likely to leave favorable comments if you respond to requests in a prompt manner. 

Work With a Property Management Customer Survey Expert

Are you looking for a way to manage your online reputation to increase your occupancy rates? Harness the power of customer surveys with Opiniion. Interact with current residents, respond to their concerns and attract new residents with one helpful system. Contact us today to see how Opiniion can increase your company’s online reputation. 


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