How Reviews Can Help People Find Your Business Online

By Curtis Linnell

Many consumers these days go to a review site before even contacting a new business. Positive ratings are great for enticing new customers to try out your business. Additionally, they can help people find your company in the first place. If your business is still not properly utilizing online reviews, then it is high time you do so to draw in more consumers.

Build Your Online Presence

Ideally, people should be able to find your business on several different review sites. Every business seems to be on Yelp these days, but you also may want to consider having a profile on Angie’s List or GlassDoor. Additionally, you need a presence on Facebook and Google Business. No matter which websites you are on, you should include links to these review pages on your main website. This allows people to easily find you everywhere so that they can leave a review effortlessly.

Include Relevant Information on All Your Review Pages

When people find you on Yelp or Facebook, that is only half the battle. You then need to turn that page visit into a purchase. Therefore, your pages need to include relevant information about your company. There should be an area on all these pages where you can include a physical address, phone number and webpage. Reading reviews is only one way people research a business. They also want to make sure the company is legitimate. If you do not have a webpage, then people may think there is something off about your business.

Make Sure You Get Reviews Everywhere

You do not want to focus all of your attention on just one review site. For example, it is good to have a presence on Yelp because that is where most people go. However, when people search for a type of business on Google, they automatically receive a list of business with a rating between one and five stars. If you have no Google rating, then you are missing out for people looking for new businesses on Google. In the event you already have decent ratings on Yelp, then turn your attention to Google and encourage customers to leave reviews there.

Get on Local Top 10 Lists

It is common for cities to release annual or biannual top 10 lists. This is an excellent opportunity for your company to get free exposure. After finding your business on these lists, customers are more likely to look you up. Building a presence on all the review sites comes in handy for making yourself known and scoring a mention on these lists.

By more effectively managing your company’s reputation, more people can find you. As a result, you get more business from people who may not have known your business existed otherwise. For further help in attaining more online reviews, talk to a professional from Opiniion. You can get started by calling us at 855-330-9980.