Case Study: Opiniion + AppFolio Users

In the current resident-centric housing environment, managing resident satisfaction and online reviews is crucial for growth and sustainability. Several prominent property management companies have embarked on a transformative journey by integrating Opiniion, the #1 resident satisfaction platform, with their existing AppFolio Property Management System (PMS). This case study delves into the results generated by Opiniion for properties using AppFolio, revealing how the integration has revolutionized each community’s approach to automating resident engagement, improving online reviews, and enhancing their resident experiences.


The communities in the study are owned and operated by various management companies nationwide, and face the challenge of effectively gathering and utilizing resident feedback. Each have the common denominator of using AppFolio as their PMS to streamline operational processes and efficiencies. They then realized the need for a robust feedback mechanism to enhance resident satisfaction and drive educated business decisions.


The study analyzed over 1400 communities using both Opiniion and AppFolio. Key performance indicators (KPIs) included the volume of feedback received, resident satisfaction scores, and online review ratings, comparing the results from prior to using Opiniion, until the time of the study (November 2023), each property using Opiniion for 10 months on average. The study also considered qualitative data from resident feedback collected as a result of the integration.


This integration between Opiniion and AppFolio serves as a blueprint for property owners and operators looking to enhance resident satisfaction through technology. Their synergy not only bolstered resident experiences but also empowered employees and streamlined operations, driving each property towards its goal of excellence in property management.


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