There are many benefits to linking your Google My Business (GMB) with Opiniion.
3 Benefits of Linking Your GMB with Opiniion

3 Benefits of Linking Your Google My Business (GMB) with Opiniion

Last month, during a call with the Director of Marketing for a mid-range PMG, I learned of their hesitancy to link Google My Business (GMB) with Opiniion, because they feared it would result in more negative reviews from customers. This got me thinking about a few different things. 

First and foremost, who told these egregious, business impacting lies?! 

Second, bad reviews are good for your business overall. Businesses whose total number of reviews are 15-20% negative, average 13% more annual revenue than businesses whose reviews are 5-10% negative. Not only that, but according to Womply Research, 5 star businesses earn less in revenue than 1 to 1.5 star businesses! 

Third, linking your GMB opens up not only doors, but windows too! 

So, what ARE the benefits of linking? 

Auto-Reply to Reviews

After you link your GMB, you can turn on “Auto-Reply.” By enabling auto-replies, you can establish a set of recommended or custom responses to your public Google reviews and let the process of responding to reviews be run on auto-pilot, allowing you to set-and-forget. You can even tailor your responses based on rating!

Businesses that don’t reply to any reviews earn 9% less revenue than average, but businesses that reply 25% of the time, have an average of 35% more revenue according to Womply Research.

Review Matching

Opiniion can automatically compare the reviews left on public sources to the information on the Customer page to find potential matches to your current resident list. We do this by comparing first and last names, email address, the date, and the public rating vs the private Opiniion rating. 

For renters, 51% of potential residents expect to see management responses to all online reviews. NMHC

Better Integration

Nothing good comes without some elbow grease. When you link your GMB, we’re able to immediately pull ALL of your Google reviews into Opiniion. When you link your GMB, you can respond to all your residents publicly, in real time. 

Not replying to reviews risks increases customer churn by up to 15% according to ChatMeter.

Need help linking your GMB to Opiniion? Contact us, and we can help you!

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