How to Decorate an Apartment: An Ultimate Guide

Even in a rental, it’s natural to want to make your place of residence feel like home. You might be wanting to make your living area your own with decor and low-cost upgrades. In your efforts to make the space suit your style, you need to consider your community’s restrictions because not all property owners … Read more

What Residents Really Want in Amenities

What Residents Really Want in Amenities

Living arrangements have drastically changed over the last few years. With the skyrocketing prices of homeownership and more apartments offering desirable amenities, more and more people are choosing rentals over buying a home. Amenities are the services or things that are offered to a renter that go beyond the standard livable apartment needs. Thanks to … Read more

Why is Online Reputation So Important?

Why is Online Reputation so Important (1)

 Online reputation and visibility are so important to growing and maintaining trust in your residents. Above all, your internet presence is vital, especially now! With everyone on social media and researching information on the internet, your online reputation is more important than you think.   As a property manager, your reviews, and your online reputation are … Read more

Opiniion Partners with Oakwood Management Company

Oakwood Partners with Opiniion

Lindon, Utah (January 11, 2022) – Opiniion, the industry leader in Online Reputation, has partnered with Oakwood Management, an Ohio-based Property Management Company. Oakwood Management has utilized Opiniion to not only provide better customer service but to put a greater emphasis on resident satisfaction. “We have seen a substantial increase in our positive reviews since … Read more

Benefits of Responding to Online Reviews

Being an online business firm, are you aware of the importance of responding to Google reviews about your products or services? Or do you consider it to be of no use? Well, you should have a more detailed knowledge of this topic which you may get by reading this article till the end. In this … Read more

Opiniion Partners with PRM Property Management

Lindon, Utah (November 17, 2021) – Opiniion, a fast-growing resident feedback platform, has partnered with PRM Property Management (Point Real Estate Management), a Multifamily Property Management company in Wisconsin. PRM has been working on increasing the satisfaction of their residents by utilizing the resident feedback gathered through Opiniion’s platform.   “Opiniion allows us to see … Read more