Feedback, Reviews & Surveys; Automated

Through frequent resident feedback, online review generation, and intuitive surveys, we give you a complete view of how your residents feel about living at your community. This helps you to know what is going well, and to identify and resolve issues in real time; leading to an increase in resident satisfaction, acquisition, retention, and NOI.

Private Feedback Requests

Digital Curb Appeal

Custom & Intuitive Surveys

Real-Time Analytics


AssistAii is a virtual assistant powered by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) designed to enhance your Opiniion experience. AssistAii makes complex tasks easy, providing real-time information, or delivering personalized recommendations.

An innovative way to analyze feedback from residents at your property. Insights does all the heavy lifting to provide you with a thorough understanding of your resident’s experience at the click of a button.

An efficient way to publish unique, custom review responses to each review. Generate takes the pressure off your corporate or onsite teams by suggesting the perfect response every single time.

Hands Off/Hands On

Software fatigue is real, and when teams have too many different platforms to work with, things can simply get missed, lost, forgotten or slip through the cracks. Opiniion was built to be as hands off or hands on as you want it. We can run fully automatic, custom, or a happy mix. On-site and regional staff can spend lots of time in Opiniion, or have no access at all, but still get the same great results.

Review Responding

Automate, customize, or use our response team to facilitate review responses and improve customer service.

Data Filtering

Use filters to view scores and ratings by date, type of feedback, channel, source, and more.


Use our preset campaigns or take control to customize messaging, where residents leave reviews, or what type of feedback you collect.

Add Tags

Use tags to target or exclude residents from custom campaigns, such as collecting feedback from just those with pets about a pet focused amenity.

Intuitive Survey Scales

Improve your data and quality of insights by choosing from one of multiple response scales; agreement, sentiment, eNPS, short answer, true/false, etc.

Dedicated CSM

Our product isn’t the only thing that’s proactive. Your CSM does so much more than just provide performance updates.

Custom Review Response

Don't let negative reviews define you—put them to work for you and turn each one into an opportunity for growth. Our dedicated team of professionals crafts personalized responses to every review, whether its a glowing testimonial... or not-so-constructive feedback. Engaging with your residents directly and authentically, not only addresses their concerns but also builds trust and loyalty. Our tailored approach saves you time and ensures your brand's voice shines through consistently.