Opiniion Partners With Birchstone Residential

opiniion + Birchstone Res

Lindon, Utah (May 5, 2022) – Opiniion, a fast-growing resident feedback platform has partnered with Birchstone Residential, a Texas-headquartered property management company. Birchstone Residential has utilized the resident feedback gathered through Opiniion’s platform to communicate with their residents in a more effective manner. Automation can be a game-changer for busy property managers. Opiniion’s use of … Read more

Key Indicators To Fine-Tune Your Leasing Strategy

Key Indicators To Fine-tune Your Leasing And Retention Strategy (1)

Do you want to acquire more renters? Yes, of course, you do! I mean, who doesn’t? But here’s also something you want, perhaps something even more important- retaining existing renters.  While there’s a sure charm that accompanies catching new residents, keeping residents returning will persistently bring about a more prominent ROI. This is where key … Read more

Opiniion Partners with Balfour Beatty Communities

Lindon, Utah (May 5, 2022) – Opiniion, the leading resident feedback, and online reputation platform, has recently partnered with Balfour Beatty Communities, a Pennsylvania-based property management company. Opiniion has a wide variety of reports that offer additional insight into the performance of a property’s online reputation. Our reports give property managers and other property leaders … Read more

Opiniion Partners with Western Wealth Communities

Opiniion Partners with Western Wealth Communities

Lindon, Utah (March 30, 2022) – Opiniion and Western Wealth Communities have recently entered into a strategic partnership. This partnership will bring in a new perspective from their tenants giving their property managers the information needed to make impacting changes. “Opiniion’s resident feedback and statistics have been a great resource for our property managers,” said … Read more

How to Enable Reviews on Your Facebook Page

How to Enable Reviews on Your Facebook Page

Facebook is an essential platform for small businesses. It enables one-on-one interactions, chances to show off brand expertise, and opportunities for potential residents to see what to expect when living at one of your properties. Although sharing content or responding to messages is crucial for a positive Facebook experience, so is enabling reviews on your … Read more

Are you ready for the 2022 leasing season?

2022 leasing season

It’s no longer news that the leasing season is fast approaching, running through May to September, with July and August often seeing the most activity. A recent Zumper Survey shows that this year will be one like no other—with many individuals looking to lease and a significant percentage of renters hoping to move in as … Read more

Changing Perspective in Multifamily

With all the challenges and constant demands faced in the Multi-Family industry, it is so easy to lose perspective, unable to see other points of view. With each interaction, it’s in our nature to plant deeper into who is “right” and who is “wrong.” In the right vs. wrong mindset, there are no winners. We … Read more

How Can Properties Cater to Renters That Work From Home?

How Can Properties Cater to Renters That Work From Home

With the current climate, more workers than ever are working remotely. Many of them have no plans to return to the daily commute anytime soon, but this affects more than employers. The work from home culture has tenants reevaluating their home priorities. Landlords may wonder how to keep up with the changing picture of work. … Read more

Opiniion Partners with Laramar

Laramar Partnership

Lindon, Utah (March 25, 2022) – Opiniion, the industry leader in resident feedback has partnered with Laramar, a Chicago-based Property Management Company. Laramar has utilized Opiniion’s intelligent surveys to collect more meaningful feedback from residents. Opinion’s seamless integrations with top Property Management Softwares are very attractive to busy property managers that already have their hands … Read more

What Is Review Gating? Should You Do It or Avoid It?

What is Review Gating

What Is Review Gating? In the modern age of multi-family housing, property owners and operators encounter the pivotal task of steering their digital image to try and attract new residents. In an effort to improve a property’s online appearance, one strategy that has sparked both interest and controversy is known as “review gating.” Review gating … Read more