Engaging Residents Through On-Site Events

Engaging Residents Through On-Site Events

On-site (community) events for residents are a great way to encourage and increase trust among the locals. It might take a bit of effort to pull them off, nonetheless, the benefits that can come from them can be enormous. 

In this blog post, we’ve come up with on-site community events you can organize to engage your residents and increase resident satisfaction and retention.

BBQ Party

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice evening out with potential friends eating BBQ? Utilize your property’s open space by facilitating an awesome get-together. You can rent a smoker or barbecue or you can make it a potluck so residents can show off their own grill skills!


We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, regardless of who they are with or where they are. For residents who may not be returning home for this holiday, catering a thanksgiving dinner is an incredible method to bring everyone closer together.

Toss in a few family-friendly games and exercises for more youthful occupants, and play some warm, fall-feeling music to get the energy spot on and guarantee that everybody lives it up. 

Super-Bowl Party

Plan a Super Bowl party that invigorates every one of your residents. Set out some game-day snacks, set up a few lively embellishments, and urge occupants to dress for the event. Plan games or mini-events around the half-time show to give those residents who are not football fans something to look forward to.

Karaoke Night

Karaoke night remains undefeated when it comes to resident community events. It’s great because even if you don’t want to sing, you still have a swell time watching others sing. Utilize your lounge as a place to stage this event with karaoke in front of the TV, some finger food, and drinks!

Fitness Training Classes

Sometimes it takes one to motivate the other. Help your residents achieve their goals and live healthy by creating a community-wide fitness challenge or organizing fitness training classes for them.

Wellness classes can be a colossal draw for residents since exercise center enrollments and store classes can be scary and costly. Help your occupants with feeling at ease by welcoming a fitness trainer into your local area to train them in exercises like Yogam, Zumba, and HITT. You may even find that one of your residents has expertise in a field of fitness.

Board Games Tournament

Who doesn’t love board games? Board game tournaments like scrabble tournaments or monopoly tournaments are a great way to have a fun-filled community event. We recommend incorporating different categories so that kids and young ones can also participate and the whole family can have a good time.

Final words

There’s an endless list of things you can do when it comes to community events. You could even come up with something entirely new. To succeed at engaging your residents, you want to ensure you have a healthy balance of adult and family-friendly events. You can also host social media Q&A sessions so that introverts can have a swell time participating in community events and not feel left out.

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