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Opiniion Partners With Birchstone Residential

Lindon, Utah (May 5, 2022) – Opiniion, a fast-growing resident feedback platform has partnered with Birchstone Residential, a Texas-headquartered property management company. Birchstone Residential has utilized the resident feedback gathered through Opiniion’s platform to communicate with their residents in a more effective manner.

Automation can be a game-changer for busy property managers. Opiniion’s use of Auto-Responders allows the property managers of Birchstone to reliably and effectively manage all resident feedback. This is vital to maintaining a healthy flow of communication and satisfaction of residents. If a resident doesn’t feel heard they will ultimately feel unhappy.

“Birchstone Residential truly cares about their residents,” said Opiniion CEO, Justin Bingham. “Understanding the resident experience is very important for Jenny Schoellhorn and her team. It has been great to see Birchstone utilizing this tool to get a better insight into the resident experience.”


About Birchstone Residential

At Birchstone, their mission is to strive for excellence in every shape and form and they live that every day through authenticity and transparency. Birchstone hires the best talent, and then stands back and lets them shine. Their empowered and passionate team members translate into a first-class level of customer service – and that translates into residents who love where they live.


About Opiniion

Opiniion gives clients the solutions they need to better understand their residents’ satisfaction, every step of the way. By streamlining the process in which property managers collect, analyze, publicize, and act on resident feedback, we make life easy and provide powerful direction to help create a better resident experience.

For more information, please visit opiniion.com.

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