Key Indicators To Fine-tune Your Leasing And Retention Strategy (1)

Key Indicators To Fine-Tune Your Leasing Strategy

Do you want to acquire more renters? Yes, of course, you do! I mean, who doesn’t? But here’s also something you want, perhaps something even more important- retaining existing renters. 

While there’s a sure charm that accompanies catching new residents, keeping residents returning will persistently bring about a more prominent ROI. This is where key indicators come in. Key indicators offer a thorough method for estimating the strength of your leasing and resident retention. They can all the more likely illuminate your business approach, assist your group with acquiring advantageous leads, and guarantee occupant satisfaction.

Now that we’ve established that key indicators provide immense benefits when used, you want to ascertain the key indicators that are important in helping you improve your leasing and retention strategy. Follow me, let’s find out!

Renting Performance 

The first and ostensibly the main KPI you ought to follow is your renting performance, determined to distinguish which renting specialists are drawing in the most leads and laying out the ROI of your renting endeavors.

While estimating renting performance, there are a couple of measurements you ought to remember which include; inquiries by source, renting activity, and future occupancy. 

Number Of Days Before Lease

This refers to the number of days your apartments stay empty until another occupant moves in. It is no doubt an irreplaceable KPI to follow in our industry. No property manager likes to keep many empty apartments, so this estimation will go far in assisting your group with fine-tuning your renting procedure and lifting future inhabitancies.

It keeps you on track with the average amount of days your apartments stay without being occupied. 

Retention Performance

The truth is, as much as we want new residents, retaining the ones you already have is another key indicator you’ll want to look into. 

When you factor in every one of the costs related to promoting and setting up a condo for renting, high inhabitant turnover rates can undoubtedly cost you so much for just a month. This is why keeping up with occupancy is fundamental for progress.

It is far simpler and more productive for your occupants to remain, as this keeps you away from opening, costly and tedious turnovers, and the need to burn through cash on promoting to draw in new leaseholders.

Renting And Vacancy Rate

This is one of the major key indicators to keep on track especially since it helps you measure how fully leased you are and the degree of vacancy you had at a given time. 

This way, you’re able to find the loopholes that may hinder your team from reaching its desired renting rate- that is, if things are not going as planned. 


Key indicators help us stay on track. It’s safe to say that they help us achieve our desired goal earlier than expected. It gives you a rundown on the entire well-being and growth of your business as well as areas that need boosting. 

This way, you’ll be able to make proper adjustments and increase your leasing and retention rate in general- that is the goal after all. 


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