Opiniion Announces Second Annual “Resident Choice Awards”

Lindon, UT (February 29, 2024) – Opiniion understands that successfully managing properties entails dedication, problem-solving, and genuine care for residents. As a resident satisfaction tool, Opiniion comprehends the immense effort it takes to achieve success in property management. Following the success of our inaugural Resident Choice Awards last year, we are thrilled to announce the winners of the second annual awards. After years of serving a continually expanding portfolio of housing operators and their communities, we are delighted to once again recognize the diligent teams nationwide who consistently endeavor to deliver exceptional experiences to their residents. This year’s awards celebrate not only the achievements of first-time winners but also commend the ongoing excellence of properties and operators who have been recognized for their outstanding performance both this year and last.    

The Second Annual Resident Choice Awards!   

Alongside our property management clients, we have listened to and analyzed resident feedback to give you the Resident Choice Awards. These awards are not earned by a well-worded application or entry fee. We go beyond stagnant public ratings and infrequent secret shops to measure the many experiences and voices from your very residents who live and interact at your community every single day. We are proud to announce the best-in-class Communities and Housing Operators who provide the best resident experiences.   

What to know   

Not all communities are the same, but that doesn’t mean they are not equal. No matter the asset class, location, amenities, size, age, or other differentiating factors of the community; each has a chance to make it to the top of the Resident Choice Awards. We create our list of winners by analyzing each resident event over the course of an entire year, including general feedback, move in, move out, maintenance, and tours, which are generated by the Opiniion software. This ensures that scores are unbiased and measured evenly to provide a well-rounded and complex understanding of each community.   

Using our comprehensive scoring algorithm, even the smallest of communities are able to stack up against the largest, so whether your community has 40 units with very few responses, or 4000 units with a mountain of responses, both are equally qualified to win the Resident Choice Awards.   

How to Rank Among the Winners   

If you are looking to make it onto our list of award winners, here’s what you can do. First, if you don’t already have a property using the Opiniion platform, schedule a demo and take a look at our product. Start service with us and you’ll be automatically added to the roster.   

Rankings are calculated based on various factors, though the best way to improve your rank is to improve your resident satisfaction. A great way to start is to use our analysis tools and take time looking at all the incoming feedback within the Opiniion App, then work with your residents to solve issues, and your staff to improve experiences. Opiniion is ready to help but be sure you have as many events turned on as you can, so you are continuously receiving feedback. With frequent incoming feedback, you’ll naturally see changes in your property’s ratings. While it may seem like the improvements will go unnoticed, as problems are solved, you will quickly see an increase in your property ratings, therefore positively influencing your award ranks.    

Now that you’ve worked on improving existing problems, give some thought to how you can continue to give excellent resident experiences and solve issues before they become problems. Just like that, you’re on your way to an award rank.  

Take a Look at the 2023 Winners 

The 2023 Resident Choice Award winners have been announced! With two types of winners (Properties and Operators) and five categories for each type (Best Overall, Best of Tours, Best of Move-In, Best of Move-Out, and Best of Maintenance), there are ten possible awards to win. Additionally, there is a bonus award (The Diamond Award), offered only to the few who rank as a winning property or operator in each of the five categories. 

To view our 2023 winners, visit Opiniion | Resident Choice Awards | 2023 Winners 

Announcing the 2023 Winners!