What Residents Really Want in Amenities

What Residents Really Want in Amenities

Living arrangements have drastically changed over the last few years. With the skyrocketing prices of homeownership and more apartments offering desirable amenities, more and more people are choosing rentals over buying a home.

Amenities are the services or things that are offered to a renter that go beyond the standard livable apartment needs. Thanks to the advancement of technology, people want convenience and accessibility in what an apartment offers.

Apartment and rental companies must have a competitive offering of the most desirable amenities in order to entice people to choose their apartment as their new home. Apartment amenities can be deal-breakers. Here is a shortlist of the amenities most renters want in a rental.



Although location is often out of your hands, more renters look for a home that’s close to major points of interest within a community, grocery stores, restaurants, beaches, etc.


Washer and Dryer in Unit

Renters love the washer and dryer availability in the unit to save them a trip to the laundromat. Having a washer and dryer in the unit can determine whether a renter chooses your rental.


Smart Home Features

Having smart features in their apartments makes life a little simpler by allowing them to remotely control lights, locks, security cameras, and more. If they forget to turn off their lights or lock their doors, there’s no need to turn back. They can quickly access the app and control them from wherever they are.


Package Lockers

Everyone loves the convenience of online shopping and ordering everything they could think of from the comfort of their own home. Apartment rentals should offer a convenient place to have packages delivered to ensure they are safe from thieves or end up at the wrong place until the renter gets home. A package locker would be a great solution.


Fitness Centers

One of the most popular amenities and the most common is the fitness center. Many people love having the option of a gym on-site. This can also be a motivation to many, having a gym a stone’s throw away.


Mobile Apps

Paying rent and requesting maintenance is made easy by using mobile apps made for apartment management. Most of the top Property Management Systems (PMS), such as Yardi and Entrata, offer an app linked to your property where residents can pay rent, submit work orders, and more. Make sure your community is utilizing those apps and that they’re optimized to best support your residents.


Pet-Friendly Amenities

When you own a building that doesn’t allow pets, you close yourself off too many renters on the market. People love their pets, and they won’t settle for a place that doesn’t accept their furry family members. You can cater to the pet-owning community by not only embracing their pets but offering enhancements that make their life a little easier. Options like adding a small dog park, dedicated pet relief areas, pet treats, pet walking service, or other pet-minded benefits can make a big difference in renters choosing their new home.


Having the right amenities to cater to what renters really want can attract renters and keep them there as long-term tenants. It makes the resident’s life more enjoyable when they have everything they need within walking distance.


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