How to Decorate an Apartment: An Ultimate Guide

Even in a rental, it’s natural to want to make your place of residence feel like home. You might be wanting to make your living area your own with decor and low-cost upgrades. In your efforts to make the space suit your style, you need to consider your community’s restrictions because not all property owners allow residents to add extra holes and certain decor in their apartments. What then, can be done with ease, low-cost tricks, and DIY projects? 

Here we have rounded some simple home decorating ideas that help you enhance the interior of your apartment, making it feel entirely like your own.



Over the past few years, adding photo frames or making gallery walls have become popular. They create a focal point in your apartment, make the interior more pleasant and transform the bland walls. 

The best areas to make a photo gallery are a living area, hall, and up the staircase. A photo gallery is an attractive and creative way to display your memories caged in pictures while enhancing the interior. 


You can make your interior more eye-catching by adding mirrors. If your house or any room has dull lights, mirrors can brighten it up. 

Hang long mirrors since they make ceilings look higher. Also, hang mirrors in bathrooms and across from windows to bring more natural light into the room.


The dull or off-white shade of walls affects the entire house. To make them look fresher and bright, give a new paint to your walls as it makes a prominent difference. You can apply geometrical, floral patterns, and other DIY wall designs using masking tape. 

Also, if your landlord doesn’t allow re-painting, try using temporary wallpapers to avoid hassle and save your time. Keep in mind, even some temporary wallpapers don’t come off quickly and can leave a mark on the wall. So, find something easy-to-peel and easy-to-remove.


If you want to add a colorful touch to your living room, then bringing in throw cushions is a perfect idea. They are way better and significantly cheaper than new decoration pieces and whole pieces of furniture. 

Moreover, they provide comfort while sitting and become a prominent part. The colorful throw cushions make your plain sofa grab attention. 


You can’t deny the fact that greenery adds beauty to everything. Be it the interior of your house or your gallery plants, leave no stone unturned in adding a natural and attractive look. 

Plants are easy to arrange, inexpensive to maintain, and can be carried everywhere. As an added perk, they can provide health benefits to us and the environment. 


Even if you’re able to put small holes in your rental to hang pictures, clocks, etc., it might be up to you to fill them before moving out to avoid damage charges. Command strips and command hooks are surprisingly solid replacements for drilling holes. They are more likely to prevent you from losing your deposit, and you can hang various pictures and decor using these hooks. 


Living in a rental doesn’t mean the home is not your own. Make sure you know what options you are permitted to use, but do take the time to express yourself. These easy and cost-effective tips will give a new and pleasant look to make your rental apartment a home.

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