Opiniion Partners with PRM Property Management

Lindon, Utah (November 17, 2021) – Opiniion, a fast-growing resident feedback platform, has partnered with PRM Property Management (Point Real Estate Management), a Multifamily Property Management company in Wisconsin. PRM has been working on increasing the satisfaction of their residents by utilizing the resident feedback gathered through Opiniion’s platform.


“Opiniion allows us to see a birds-eye view of what our residents are saying,” said Timothy Wallen, VP at Point Real Estate Management. “Outside of generating authentic positive reviews, we have been able to see our organic “Opiniion Rating”, which helps us understand our true resident satisfaction score.”


The Opiniion Rating is the average rating left by current residents. Because this includes ALL feedback, this is a true score of how your residents truly feel about your property. Once a resident moves out of their apartment, Opiniion removes their ratings so you’re only looking at current resident feedback, which is more indicative of how your property is performing.


“Opiniion is a one-stop-shop for everything resident feedback,” said Opiniion CEO, Justin Bingham. “I love that PRM is utilizing our software to better understand their resident’s needs.” 


About PRM Property Management:

PRM is one of Wisconsin’s premier multifamily property management companies.  They have a multitude of options whether you are a property owner, an investor, or a resident looking for a new place to call home.  Their portfolio is ever-growing and diverse. They have different styled communities ranging from spacious apartments situated in cozy suburban communities to contemporary high-styled lofts located in the active heart of the city.


About Opiniion, Inc:

Opiniion is an automated tool for property management companies to collect authentic real-time feedback from residents. Opiniion helps companies get more online reviews, survey current and past residents, identify key issues, and collect and understand more meaningful data around the resident experience through analytics.

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