Tackling Turnover

Tackling Turnover: We have a solution.

Recently, Habitat, an official publication of the Atlanta Apartment Association, published an article on tackling turnover. This article goes over 11 different ways you can increase your resident retention. Increasing your occupancy rate is greatly important, but we believe that keeping your residents is even more critical.

The Rewards

As simple as it may sound, there are many rewards to decreasing your turnover rate. A few of the many ways it will help include reducing annual expenses and hours of work and even stronger long-term relationships with your community. For example, if you have a resident that stays for more than a year, you don’t need to pay for pre-move-in cleaning or spend time on filling in that unit. Additionally, this resident is now friends with their neighbors and won’t want to move away.

How To Tackle Turnover

After reading Habitat Magazine’s article, you will notice a theme to these suggestions. At Opiniion, we believe it is taking a “proactive approach” instead of a “reactive approach.” Most property management companies focus on being reactive, but this tends to lead to many negative issues. It may already be too late once a resident has complained about something. If property managers knew and understood their residents’ concerns before leases were up, tackling turnover would be a breeze.

Secret Sauce

So you want to take a proactive approach to manage your resident satisfaction? You’re in luck; we have the perfect solution. Opiniion provides you with the tools, services, and support you need to take a more proactive approach towards managing your residents’ satisfaction. Number 5 in Habitat Magazine’s article, “Tackling Turnover,” encourages management to “make improvements based on resident feedback.” Opiniion does just that! Through our user-friendly software, you can narrow down what common issues arise and tackle them. Opiniion gives your residents a way to express their opinions of your property so that you can improve their experience before they leave.


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