The Opiniion Rating

The Importance of the Opiniion Rating

One of the most common questions we get is “What is the Opiniion Rating and why is it different than my Public Rating?” 

The Opiniion Rating is the average rating left by your current residents. Once a resident has been marked as “Moved Out,” we remove their ratings so you’re only looking at current resident feedback, which is more indicative of how your property is performing. 

The Opiniion score is a TRUE rating of resident satisfaction. Whereas the public score (i.e. is a mere historical record of ALL residents for that property (maybe even non-residents!) The Opiniion score helps management companies know and understand real-time current resident feedback. 

Opiniion intends to compete with other multi-family rating systems by publishing a score that only reflects what CURRENT residents say about a specific property. If you are in search of an apartment, the Opiniion score will guide consumers by showing what the current residents of that apartment have to say about it, and not the historic public rating. The power behind this concept is enormous. Real-time consumer feedback. Who cares what past residents say; what do the ones that actually live there today have to say??

In conclusion, your public ratings can be-

  1. Outdated information – Google and don’t take into consideration how old the rating is – it’s a mere historical record.
  2. Unverified – With your Opiniion Rating, we only take into consideration your current, active residents. With a public platform, anyone with an account can leave a review, so there’s no way to verify if the review was left by a current or past resident – or even non-residents!
  3. Unfiltered – There’s no way of filtering down the reviews into manageable, digestible information. With the Opiniion Feedback page and the Opiniion Rating by Campaign tool, you can easily see where your residents’ pain points are and quickly take action to resolve potential weak spots. 


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