The Must-Have Touchpoints for Your Leasing Cycle

The Must-Have Touchpoints for Your Leasing Cycle

As a provider of multi-family properties, finding ways to impress your tenants and show your appreciation for them is a great way to keep them in your building rather than moving to someone else’s. Understanding the right touchpoints to utilize throughout the leasing cycle is crucial for your success.

While Creating Property Listings

One touchpoint that many people forget, happens when an individual reads a listing for your property. Attracting the right kind of tenants requires making an effort to build a thorough listing that shows your property in the right light. Make sure your listings are well-written with lots of pictures to gain interest.

While this might not be an area you consider a part of the leasing cycle, it probably should be. It’s a touchpoint where you can reach a large number of people. If your property is pleasing and your listing is professional with a dose of personality, it is more likely to produce tenants.

When Meeting Potential Tenants

In many cases, the next touchpoint you have with potential new tenants is when they make contact with you. This is when you can either wow them or create a mediocre experience. What happens here can affect the entire leasing cycle if the person decides to move in.

Scheduling individual property showings is recommended. With an open house situation, you may not have time to focus on each person individually. However, communicating with potential renters and showing yourself in a professional light can make an impact that lasts.

On Move-In Day

The day a tenant moves in should be exciting – both for you and them. This is a great time to reach out and welcome them to the community. Having lists of local restaurants, a small gift, and other information ready for them can go a long way toward making a great impression.

You want to convey that the person is already a part of the community. Small touches like a pack of hangers in the closet, essential snacks in the kitchen, and a toiletry pack in the bathroom make the tenant feel appreciated and cared for on what might be a long day.

Throughout the Leasing Cycle

Touchpoints shouldn’t only be considered for prospective or new tenants. You also want to keep in touch with current tenants. There are multiple ways to take advantage of this. If there are many people in a property, perhaps a community newsletter will make people feel like they are a part of things.

You can also send out surveys about various topics to ensure you are doing your best to retain tenants. Take notice of small things like where tenants park, what doors they use, and more so you can walk through those experiences to better understand how residents in the property feel.

At Renewal Time

The last essential touchpoint in the leasing cycle is when someone’s lease is set for potential renewal. An easy option is to hang an aesthetically pleasing renewal notice on the resident’s doorknob a month or two before the lease ends. This reminds them that they have a decision to make while showing you’re looking out for them.


Incorporate touchpoints into the entire leasing cycle to keep up with your tenants and ensure no problems are going undiscovered. Being proactive and planning each moment gives you the chance to be creative and stand out. Use the times above as a start for designing your own touchpoints!


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