Benefits of Being Pet-Friendly

The Benefits of Being a Pet-Friendly Apartment

When it comes to living spaces, it should come as no surprise that one of the largest draws for most people is whether or not they can bring their fur baby with them to the place. Whether a person is searching for a forever home or even just an apartment rental, having a pet-friendly apartment can offer many benefits.

Read on to learn about the benefits of being a pet-friendly apartment.


Pet-Friendly Apartments Are More Lucrative

Indeed, as mentioned above, many landlords who offer pet-friendly rentals tend to make more money across the board. This is largely because the people renting these apartments like to have the option of having a fuzzy friend with them and won’t consider apartments where they aren’t allowed. As such, landlords have been becoming friendlier towards the idea of detailing their places as a “pet-friendly apartment” so that they can get more business.

Additionally, not only are these renters able to get more traffic into their pet-friendly rentals, but they’re also able to make additional money because they can charge more for allowing pets.

Pet-Friendly Apartments Mean You Trust Your Tenants

If you decide to offer up a pet-friendly apartment to a tenant, you are subconsciously telling them that they are responsible pet owners. You are telling them that they know how to take good care of their pet, and that, in the case of any damage or emergency, they are willing to pay additional money to handle it and keep the peace.

This can allow a wide range of people to live on your property because it allows for people with pets and without pets, which can also increase the sense of community and camaraderie.


Increased Sense of Community

For many people, pets are a great element for starting a conversation. As such, you may find that, if you offer pet-friendly rentals, your tenants will be more likely to stay in your apartment complex for a longer period. This is because they will feel as if they are part of a community and as if they have friends in the nearby area. This means that, as the landlord, you won’t have to deal with as much turnover for apartment occupancy.


Prolonged Tenancy

As mentioned, the increased community will likely convince your tenants to stay longer. Not only that, but if you claim that you have pet-friendly apartments, your tenants are unlikely to want to leave any time soon. This is because it is extremely difficult to find pet-friendly rentals, so once an owner finds one, they’re not going to want to leave it.

Additionally, many pets imprint on the location rather than the people, which means that it can stress out a pet to be moved. Many pet owners will want to prevent their pet from being stressed out, so they will want to stay for the comfort of their pet. 


Relaxed Tenants

Pets are great for emotional support, even if they’re not emotional support animals. This means that, so long as there are pets in your apartment complex, your tenants will be more likely to relax and feel comforted in the space. Tenants who are relaxed will feel better about staying in your complex for a longer amount of time, meaning that you’ll make more money and avoid frequent tenant turnover.



When it comes to considering a pet-friendly apartment, there are many benefits to doing so and very few downsides. Make more money and increase the time that your tenants stay in your apartment complex by offering pet-friendly rentals.

And allow yourself to relax and be comforted by the pets, as well! Pet a dog or two and feel the endorphins rise.


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