ORA Score

How To Improve Your ORA™ Score

The ORA™ Power Rankings is a tool that J Turner Research uses to centralize online reviews for your residential properties, often called ORA™ Score. They have developed a method to overcome the challenge of multiple review rating scales by using statistical analysis. What this means is that instead of looking through endless review sites, you can look to one number that is easy to monitor and rank. This allows you to focus on how to improve your customer satisfaction instead of trying to compile the review data yourself.

With all this data, it can sometimes seem like data overload. Where do you begin? What will have the most impact? Here is our list of how to improve your ORA™ score.

First, Hire the right people.

Your employees are the crux of your business. They are the face of your company to your potential and current tenants. Not only will a good team help you maintain a low turnover, but they will also help you resolve problems with your tenants that may arise. Learn more about this subject on one of our other blog posts here.

Second, Honest Feedback.

This seems simple but is not always executed properly. When we say honest feedback we are referring to listening to the good and the bad of what your tenants have to say. They are taking time out of their busy schedules to let you know how they feel so the first step is to always thank them. As you continually gather this honest feedback, you will be able to discover trends of what your residents enjoy and what they wish would be changed. Once you have implemented these changes, your tenants  satisfaction will dramatically go up.

Third, Open Door Policy.

An open-door policy has two important parts to be successful. The most obvious part is that your tenants need a way to leave feedback. This can be coming into your office in person, leaving a review online, or a simple comment box. Ideally, there should be multiple avenues that tenants can use to leave feedback. Secondly, and most importantly, your residents need to feel validated when they leave a comment. This helps them to know that their voice is being heard and will make a difference. This can take many forms. A personal connection with the employee they spoke with, a follow up email to inquire additional information from them, or any additional step that shows the client that you are willing to go out of your way for them.

Fourth, Respond to Reviews Quickly

With technology continually becoming more and more prevalent, people expect everything to come as fast as possible. Amazon is beginning to ship people their package in one day. Grocery stores will deliver their groceries within hours of a customer placing an online order. A property management company should be no different. When a tenant goes online they expect a response immediately.

As you begin implementing these four aspects into your customer success strategy, you will begin to create a lifestyle your residents will enjoy. Stephanie L. Williams, President of the Bozzuto Management Company has said “When we create a lifestyle for our residents that reflects our core values and supports our passion for service, we by default, nurture fans that want to share their perspective on our brand with others.”

Learn more about how to improve your ORA™ score by reading more information on our blog or speaking with us! Click here for the link.