How To Improve Your ORA™ Score

The ORA™ Power Rankings is a tool by J Turner Research to centralize online reviews for your residential properties, often called the “ORA™ Score.” The score consists of a weighted aggregate from various review sites, including Google, Yelp, Facebook,, Kudzu, Yellowpages, and more. A weighted aggregate in this case means that some sites impact the ORA score more than others.

Opiniion is asked often, how clients can improve their ORA Scores. Here are some suggestions of how to improve your ORA™ score.


Your employees are the crux of your operation. They are the face of your property to your potential and current residents. Not only will a good team help you maintain a low turnover, but they will also help you resolve problems that may arise. Learn more about this subject on one of our other blog posts here.


This seems simple but is not always executed properly. When we say “honest feedback,” we are referring to listening to both the good and the bad of what your residents have to say. They are taking time out of their busy schedules to let you know how they feel, so it’s always important to seek, then listen to what they have to say. Using Opiniion is easy and automated, bringing in not only a high volume but constant feedback to give you a robust understanding of how residents feel at all times of the year and lease cycle.


It’s not enough to know that something is causing friction among your residents – it’s time to get to work, updating processes and implementing solutions to fix the pain points. By using Opiniion to measure and manage your resident experience, the feedback collected will yield invaluable trends, tipping you off to what your residents enjoy and what they wish would be changed. When you act on the feedback, implement fixes to their concerns, and improve your residents’ experiences,  their satisfaction will dramatically improve. By consequence you will receive higher online ratings, and positively impact your ORA score.


With technology becoming evermore prevalent, instant gratification is among the top of priorities. Some of the Nation’s top companies, such as Amazon do this with next- and same-day shipping. Grocers can deliver their groceries within hours of a customer placing an online order. A property management company should be no different. When a resident provides feedback or publishes a review online, they expect a response immediately. Not only do quick responses ensure great customer service, they create a better experience for your residents, and increase satisfaction. After all, that is the true goal. 

As you implement these four ideals into your customer success strategy, you will begin to create a lifestyle your residents will enjoy, and your ORA scores can increase organically over time. Stephanie L. Williams, President of the Bozzuto Management Company has said “When we create a lifestyle for our residents that reflects our core values and supports our passion for service, we by default, nurture fans that want to share their perspective on our brand with others.”

More on Awards

Opiniion acknowledges the hard-working teams across the Nation who strive day in and day out to provide the best experiences possible to their residents. The top properties and operators are recognized in the Opiniion – Resident Choice Awards!

With our clients, we have listened, and analyzed resident feedback to create the Resident Choice Awards. These awards are not earned by a well-worded application or entry fee. We go beyond stagnant public ratings, irrelevant review sites, and infrequent secret shops to measure the many experiences and voices from your very residents who live and interact with your community every single day. We are proud to announce the best-in-class Communities and Housing Operators who provide the best resident experiences.

Learn more about the Resident Choice Awards and how to win in the eyes of the industry and your residents at

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