How Can Properties Cater to Renters That Work From Home

How Can Properties Cater to Renters That Work From Home?

With the current climate, more workers than ever are working remotely. Many of them have no plans to return to the daily commute anytime soon, but this affects more than employers. The work from home culture has tenants reevaluating their home priorities. Landlords may wonder how to keep up with the changing picture of work.

Tenants who once valued swimming pools or gyms are now looking for amenities to make their workday go more smoothly. If you’re a landlord wanting to make your rentals as conducive to work from home tenants as possible, here are some tips to get you started.

Provide Dedicated Workspaces

Tenants who work from home are looking for spaces that are conducive to their workflow. Whether that is a separate room or a nook with a desk depends on the amount of available space. If you are a landlord with smaller properties, you might consider adding built-in shelving or a built-in desk area to indicate to your tenants that you are aware of their need for workspace. 

Offer High-Speed Wi-Fi

Most people who work from home are required to do some portion of their work online. The better internet connection you can offer to them, the more likely they are to choose your property over others. You might even consider including internet access in their rent as a standard utility. 

Offer Community Workspaces

Depending on their job, your tenants may need access to a copier or printer. In this day of work from home culture, it’s worth considering offering them a community space with those pieces of equipment. Perhaps a dedicated room off the complex office could be used as a secure Zoom meeting room—with sign-ups, so no one is using it to the exclusion of all others. 

Have Outdoor Space

Those who no longer commute are often stuck within the same four walls day in and day out. As a landlord, you might consider offering green space for your tenants. Set it up with some seating, so they can work outside and enjoy the fresh air, or perhaps provide outdoor activities like Bocce or cornhole for them to refresh themselves after a long day of work. 

Allow Pets

Many people who work from home miss the companionship that was afforded to them by driving to the office daily. Others have discovered they now have extra time to care for an animal in their day. Either way, if you want to stand out as a community that is accommodating for those who work from home, you should consider allowing pets. You can always set limits regarding breeds or the kinds of pets you allow. 

The Takeaway

More people now work from home than before. That trend doesn’t appear to be ending in the near future. If you want to make your rental properties amenable to those tenants, you need to consider making your amenities more stay-at-home friendly. 

Offering dedicated workspaces, outdoor spaces, and community amenities that cater to those who work from home could make your property stand out from the crowd. Allowing pets is an extra bonus!

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