Opiniion Partners with MEB Management Services

Opiniion, a Utah-based customer feedback platform has partnered with MEB Management Services, an Arizona-headquartered property management firm. MEB Management Services has utilized the resident feedback gathered through Opiniion’s platform to communicate with residents in a proactive and timely manner. 

The star rating is an excellent satisfaction barometer that alerts the MEB management teams of any potential concerns before posting them on social review media sites, as well as an affirmation of positive experiences that can be celebrated,” said Dalia Bureker,Sr. VP of Operations.  “Our star ratings and position on review sites have increased noticeably, resulting in many new leases and renewals.”

The customer feedback platform’s automated service helps gather reviews from residents and creates more opportunities for property managers to engage with their tenants. 

“Opiniion has been a fabulous resource for both management and our residents,” said Leslie Stephens, Asset Director. “The positive reviews allow us to motivate our staff by seeing how great of a job they are doing and that it really does make a difference to the residents we are working so hard to please.”

In recent years, positive reviews have become essential in receiving and maintaining success in the multifamily space. 

“Opiniion is an easy and affordable source for online review solicitations; receiving notification of reviews that are 3 stars or less allows us to contact residents and improve their experience and rating,” said Kimberly Barrow, Asset Director. “Opiniion surpassed our expectations and is highly recommended for any company that cares about their customers by using this effortless initiative.”

The company uses Opiniion’s tools with each of its properties in New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas, and Arizona to give a voice to its residents.

“We’ve been inspired by MEB’s core purpose of enriching the lives of their clients and residents,” said Opiniion CEO, Justin Bingham. “Receiving feedback and communicating with their residents is a top priority for them—Opiniion and MEB are a perfect match in creating a positive resident experience.” 


About MEB Management Services: MEB provides property management services to all types and qualities of multifamily assets. MEB has corporate offices in Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff, with a staff of 650+ real estate professionals. MEB provides comprehensive coverage throughout the Southwest including Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Tennessee that creates an environment for success by rewarding each team member’s contribution toward value creation. For more information visit www.mebapts.com.  

About Opiniion: Opiniion is an automated tool for property management companies to collect authentic real-time feedback from residents. Opiniion helps companies get more online reviews, survey current and past residents, identify key issues, and collect and understand more meaningful data around the resident experience through analytics. For more information, please visit opiniion.com.

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