2022 leasing season

Are you ready for the 2022 leasing season?

It’s no longer news that the leasing season is fast approaching, running through May to September, with July and August often seeing the most activity.

A recent Zumper Survey shows that this year will be one like no other—with many individuals looking to lease and a significant percentage of renters hoping to move in as quickly as possible! 

To make the most of the season, leasing groups and property managers should be prepared for this year’s increase in demands. New innovations may change the way you operate from one year to another. However, best practices for making the most of the leasing season will continue to remain as before. 

Having said that, let us dive right into what you must do to get ready for the 2022 leasing season.


Prepare The Leasing Team 


It is ideal not to be short-staffed when the leasing season begins. In the event that you’re short-staffed, put resources into employing or broadly educating new colleagues prior to the leasing season, so they’ll have a lot of opportunities to prepare and get ready for the season.

A completely ready group can have a significant effect during the bustling months. Remember, nobody gets through the leasing season solo. You need an adequate team. 


Create A Good First Impression Of Your Property


You better believe the competition out there is going to be tough, but nothing beats a great appearance. 62% of renters consider property appearance as a major factor in their lease decision. 

What should you be doing? Put resources into a property-wide profound cleaning, and consider looking into any necessary maintenance that may have been overlooked. Walk the property according to an imminent occupant’s perspective.

Check for little superficial upgrades that have a major effect in the eye of the renter. Just prior to renting season may be the ideal opportunity to repaint your property for a fresher look and invest in new amenities and services that could improve the overall value of your property. 

You’d be surprised by how far these little changes and adjustments can go into securing you a new tenant.




As much as we try to hinder location from being a hindrance in the leasing season, we can’t avoid the fact that it is, in fact, and will be a major concern for renters this leasing season

Does this place have simple admittance to streets as well as open transportation? Would I be able to handily get to supermarkets? Is this region safe? Are the school regions satisfactory?

These are generally questions tenants will ask while searching for an ideal spot to live. While you may not always have the best spot in town, a knowledge of the pros and cons that come with your location can go a long way.

For instance, your location can help you determine the month you want to end your lease. If you happen to have a property near a campus, you’d obviously have to pay attention to the school’s annual calendar to determine when to end your lease.

An Enticing And Descriptive Listing Does The Trick

Extraordinary listings lead to more possibilities and improve the probability that you’ll fill your opening as fast as could really be expected.

It’s essential to be extremely careful with unit depictions, photographs, and recordings to make progress.

Consider employing an expert photographer to catch your spaces and convey great pictures. In the event that composing great descriptions isn’t your strength, look for the help of a consultant or promoting office to guarantee your properties’ messages are enlightening and convincing.

Standardize Your Process

You’ll easily get more interested tenants if your processes are fairly easy to follow. You can do this by making the entire rental process digital. By this, we mean keeping the entire process online–from the rental application, down to the lease, and the processing of payments.

Another way to achieve this is to Standardize your screening process. When renters come, you want to make sure you have a detailed tenant screening process in place, as well as the resources and tools to ensure that it operates smoothly, so that you can swiftly and fully screen any renter who is interested in your property.

Bottom Line

As a property manager, there are several benefits that accrue to finding tenants during the peak season. With these tips, you should have the proper head-start you need for making it through the leasing season with an influx of potential renters.

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