How To Reply To Negative Reviews

How to Reply to Online Negative Reviews

Negative reviews can sting, but they are bound to happen. Even when you have delivered exceptional service, someone might still find something wrong and share it online. Your online reputation is more than the rating itself, but includes the perception of your community and team. Luckily, there are ways you can respond that will save your online reputation, and address any concerns that the resident might have brought to your attention.

Did your customer complain about a real issue in your customer service protocol or about how somebody handled the situation? It is essential to identify the cause for the concern so you can address it. Residents need a resolution, and a tarnished online review can still be repaired to demonstrate to the resident that you are willing to do the right thing while still preserving your property’s reputation.

As one of the general rules in customer service, approaching your online review with poise and respect is the most critical part of replying to negative reviews. Even if the resident left a slew of horrible language and comments, you still should respond kindly, professionally, and be willing to help. Residents will usually see this, appreciate it, and be ready to discuss the situation with you or even change their review after you’ve worked with them through the experience.

With any negative review, you should always respond positively, promptly, and professionally. There are numerous examples of how reviews that were responded to poorly resulted in a loss of leases. As you type your response, it might help to think how you would respond if they were there in front of you. Your online reputation is key, and handling even the most challenging concerns with poise will earn you respect from current and future residents.

As long as you’re willing to work with the resident promptly, your online reputation can be saved, and you will reap the benefits for your professionalism and efforts to provide a better experience. Don’t let the bad reviews get you down next time you see one! Use the feedback as a learning experience, and set goals to improve. This will not only improve your online reputation, but ensure a better environment for staff and residents alike.

Reach out to us if you would like to better control your online reviews. We have plenty of tools to help boost and monitor your reviews.