The Value of a Positive Review

Despite the prevalence of online review sites, many business owners still overlook the importance of what their customers say. Getting more positive reviews can actually translate into greater revenue because more people are learning about how great your company is. This is why all businesses need to strive to get more customers to leave positive reviews online.

Positive Reviews

The primary review sites are Yelp and Google. If your business manages to get a high rating on both of those, then customers are more likely to go to you over the competition. Additionally, studies have shown customers are willing to spend more when they see a company has great reviews. For example, a study conducted by Cornell University found that hotels can raise prices by 11 percent with every one-star increase in their rating without losing any customers. The greater your reputation, the more you can charge.

Yelp Reviews

Yelp has acquired over 127 million reviews since its founding. Many people now turn to Yelp to learn about a new business, and with good reviews, many customers will try a new venture out. Most business owners can expect a boost in revenue if they adequately manage the company’s Yelp page and attain positive reviews. Yelp can do a lot of good for your business, especially if you respond professionally to bad reviews and thank users for good ratings.

Facebook Reviews

Many people are on Facebook throughout the day even if they are not looking up businesses. Therefore, it is good to maintain a constant presence on the platform. You should post relevant content regularly so that people keep your business in mind as they scroll through their feeds. Additionally, when your business has a Facebook page, consumers are more likely to trust you.

Google Reviews

When people Google your business, they now receive a score out of five stars. If your company only has two or three stars, then there is a chance consumers will not even give you the time of day. With four or five stars, people are more likely to go to your website, giving you the chance to really sell your products or services.

Good Reviews on Your Website

Once someone has gone to your webpage, you need to turn that click into a sale. One way to accomplish this is to include several positive reviews on the home page. People can immediately see what others have to say about your company. When you amass upwards of 100 positive reviews, your company’s conversation rate can increase by up to 37 percent.

You should never feel scared of reviews. In fact, you should be happy when people feel compelled to talk about your business. To enhance the way you manage such reviews, get in touch with Opiniion by calling us at 855-330-9980.

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