Showing Off Your Amenities

Blog Series: Growing Your Residency One Tour at a Time

When it comes to Property Management, tours are one of those things that can’t disappoint. That disappointment leads to an unlikely chance that the prospective resident will ever come back again. 

No matter the current condition of the tour, any property can elevate the experience to have the prospective resident leaving better than when they first arrived. 

Showing off your Amenities 

Amenities are one of those things that can really give one property a competitive edge over the other, but just having amenities doesn’t mean the prospective resident is ready to sign. Listing amenities is the first step; however, the prospective resident has probably already found them on the property website. They know what amenities exist, on a tour, they want to see if they live up to the expectation. That expectation is met with three standards. Accessibility, cleanliness, and functionality. 

Accessibility is an easy one, because it all comes down to how easy it is for a resident to get to it. Sometimes this equates to actual distance, which should be as close to the office and properties as possible but often it equates to availability. Is the amenity open 24hours a day? Do they have to reserve a spot or is it first come first serve? Prospective residents want to know that their amenities are at their disposal.  

Cleanliness and functionality go hand in hand. No matter what photos are presented on the property website or shared with the reviews, what they see with their own eyes will be the lasting impression. If prospective residents see a dirty, unkept and broken space that is listed as a “perk of the property” then not only will they remove the amenity from their “pros” list, but their expectation for the rest of the property will fall. It’s unfair to say that a property can never experience problems with their amenities being damaged or in need of repair. As a community space, it’s unavoidable. However, fixing those problems efficiently and maintaining the spaces regardless shows the current and future residents the attention and care management holds.  

Having property staff keep up with your amenities by cleaning the space, responding to problems, organizing and repositioning the furniture/items, and enforcing care of the spaces may seem like a low priority, but will inevitably boost your reviews, reduce resident turnover, and grow your tour success rates. 

Note: Amenities are generally categorized in two: “Living made easier” and “bonus to the property.” “Living made easier” is important to highlight during your tours as you discuss the property overall. These amenities might include parking, controlled building access, utilities, trash process, in unit washer/dryer, pets allowed, balcony, location perks, etc. “Bonus to the property” amenities are good to discuss but are even more important to show – they will often do the work themselves.  

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