Resident Feedback Is Essential

Why Resident Feedback Is Essential to Property Managers

What are your priorities as a property manager who rents out condos, apartments, or homes? One of them is likely to ensure that your building is safe and runs smoothly. When tenants are excited about and happy with their dwelling, they’re far more likely to stick around. In addition, they may convince people they know that your property is the one they should move to.

But how do you make sure you are improving in ways that work? Is there a way to avoid making changes that might alienate your tenants? The answer is yes, and the solution you may wish to put in place is a system for resident feedback.


Reviews Matter and Can Make It Easier to Operate

We live in a world where people are used to having reviews for everything. While taking in informal feedback from residents is helpful, it isn’t as efficient as you might anticipate. In most cases, feedback comes from those who are the most and least satisfied with a service you provide. That means you don’t find out how all those people in the middle feel.

When you seek out feedback, you can learn from your residents how to improve amenities, customer service, key interactions, and much more. Businesses that succeed at creating a better customer experience collect and analyze feedback from customers. The same holds true when your product is property management, and your customers are residents.


Implement a Formal Resident Feedback System

The best solution is to implement a regular and formal process to gain resident feedback. It can answer any questions you might have about residents regarding what you’re doing well and where you can make some improvements. That helps you be successful by ensuring that your residents are as satisfied as possible.

For instance, you can ask if specific amenities would lead residents to stay longer. Questions about whether they’d pay more for an onsite fitness center, or if they would prefer in-unit laundry, pet-focused amenities, or other lounge/community spaces can give you the insight you need to make changes that resonate with the people who live on your property.

Most residents are willing to give feedback when it’s asked for. Implementing a quarterly or yearly resident feedback survey can give you a bigger picture of what people want and what they can do without. You learn what you can do to add value to your property and find out where you can improve. After all, none of us are perfect.


Physical vs. Digital Resident Feedback Gathering

Getting feedback can be a cumbersome task and hard to analyze for meaningful improvement, especially if you’re seeking it in person when residents come by the office or visit them at their apartment during community walks. Opiniion leverages technology to automate the process and makes it simple for residents to give frequent and valuable feedback every step of the way.

Without asking what residents need, you might make choices that seem great in theory but aren’t wanted in practice. Find out what residents want so you can continuously improve and provide them with living spaces they appreciate and enjoy. The process is easy, and it can go a long way toward creating an idyllic community that meets the needs of everyone who lives there.


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