Resident Choice Awards – Best Operator #1 PEG Communities

Lindon, Utah (March 31, 2023) – Announcing PEG Companies as #1 Best Operator as well as #1 Best of Move-In and #2 Best of Maintenance in the 2022 Resident Choice Awards. This award was designed to recognize the achievement of providing best-of-class resident experiences and is only offered to the top 10% of operators. This is a significant achievement for Property Management Companies, having earned #1 Best Operator rank against the remaining operators and we are proud to recognize the hard work, dedication, and care that PEG Companies holds for their properties.  

About PEG Companies 

Ranking #1 in the Best Operators at Opiniion, PEG Companies is a a leading full-service commercial real estate investor known for their unique approach to creating value. 

PEG Companies earned their respected reputation by refining their unique way of doing business over the course of many years. PEG builds cash-flowing contemporary properties by preserving the resourceful thinking and homegrown values that shaped their humble beginnings. These values took root in PEG’s culture during the founder’s upbringing on a dairy farm in Southern Idaho, long before the company’s inception. Despite their continued present-day expansion and earning national recognition, the principles of PEG’s farm-life heritage continue to influence their day-to-day operations, decisions around strategic growth, and how they partner with the communities where they build.  

For more information, please visit PEG Companies | Our Story 

About the Resident Choice Awards  

Alongside our clients, we have listened to and analyzed resident feedback to award the Resident Choice Awards. These awards are not earned by a well-worded application or entry fee. Going beyond stagnant public ratings and infrequent secret shops, we measure the many experiences and voices from the very residents who live and interact at these communities every single day. No matter the asset class, location, amenities, size, age, or other differentiating factors of a community; everyone has a chance to make it to the top of the Resident Choice Awards. Our list of winners is created by analyzing each resident event over the course of an entire year, including general feedback, move in, move out, maintenance, and tours, which are generated by the Opiniion software. This ensures that scores are unbiased and measured evenly to provide a well-rounded and complex understanding of each community.  

To view winners of the 2022 Resident Choice Awards, please visit Opiniion | Resident Choice Award Winners 

About Opiniion, Inc  

Opiniion is an automated tool for property management companies to collect authentic real-time feedback from residents. Opiniion helps companies get more online reviews, survey current and past residents, identify key issues, and collect and understand more meaningful data around the resident experience through analytics.     

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Announcing the 2023 Winners!