Opiniion Partners with Ramshaw Real Estate

Lindon, UT (January 20, 2023) – Opiniion, a leader in resident feedback, has partnered with Ramshaw Real Estate, a property management company based in Illinois. This will be a fundamental partnership to Ramshaw, adding automated requests for reviews and feedback for an overall improvement to the resident experience.  

Ramshaw Real Estate’s 25 years in property management experience makes them an excellent fit for Opiniion’s resident experience software which encourages intelligent communication between residents and property managers. By using the feedback collection and review request features, the partnership between Opiniion and Ramshaw Real Estate will result in higher occupancy rates across their properties. 

Opiniion CEO, Justin Bingham said, “We are happy to be adding Ramshaw Real Estate on as a partner. They believe in and offer strong service to their residents and use resources like Opiniion to prioritize that belief. We are excited for Ramshaw to use our software and elevate their resident satisfaction.”  

Opiniion’s resident feedback platform helps gather feedback from residents and creates more opportunities for property managers to engage with their residents. Opiniion has become essential in the multifamily industry due to the impact resident feedback has on a property’s success.   

About Ramshaw  

Ramshaw Real Estate celebrates 25 years of property management in Champaign – Urbana, IL including the University of Illinois (UIUC). Starting as a 40-apartment management operation in 1983, Ramshaw Real Estate has developed into a well-known and respected full-service leader in the local Champaign real estate market. Their property management team believes strongly in service, which means you’ll never have trouble contacting us for lockouts or maintenance requests. 

About Opiniion, Inc  

Opiniion is an automated tool for property management companies to collect authentic real-time feedback from residents. Opiniion helps companies understand residents at a deeper level, identify key issues, survey current and past residents, and collect more meaningful data around the resident experience through analytics.  

For more information, please visit www.opiniion.com 

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