Opiniion Partners with Pomeroy Group

Lindon, UT (October 17, 2023) – Opiniion, a Utah-based resident feedback platform, has recently partnered with Pomeroy Group, LLC. Signing two of their locations, Pomeroy Court and 500 Square, student housing properties located in Bellingham, Washington, to work with Opiniion, Pomeroy Group now has access to resources needed to increase their review generation and to capture resident feedback to better serve their community needs.    

Using Opiniion, Pomeroy Group can gather feedback and reviews through automation and receive live, comprehendible data that leads to problem-solving solutions. They can also use Opiniion’s customizable surveys to find specific answers to areas of needed improvement.   

“To Opiniion, there is no such thing as a small property,” said Opiniion CEO, Justin Bingham. “With Pomeroy Court and 500 Square, we have the opportunity to work with two amazing properties and provide a voice to each of their residents with ease.”  

About Opiniion, Inc   

Opiniion is an automated tool for property management companies to collect authentic real-time feedback from residents. Opiniion helps companies get more online reviews, survey current and past residents, identify key issues, and collect and understand more meaningful data around the resident experience through analytics.    

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