Opiniion Partners with Hunter’s Capital

Lindon, UT (July 11, 2023) – Opiniion, the leading resident feedback, and online reputation platform, has recently partnered with Hunters Capital, a property management company based in Seattle, Washington. The partnership will be fundamental in helping improve Hunters Capital property ratings and fostering constructive resident communication with management.    

This partnership not only reaffirms our commitment to embracing visionary technologies but also reinforces our dedication to the people who call our residential properties’ home. By combining our expertise in real estate management with Opiniion’s innovative solutions, we are poised to set new standards for resident satisfaction and community engagement in the Seattle area. We are confident that this collaboration will further enhance our ability to take ownership of our services and create thriving communities that residents are proud to be a part of.” – Brittany Peterson, Hunters Capital Multi-Site Manager

Promoting the good and using the bad, Opiniion will give Hunters Capital the software solutions they need to better understand their resident satisfaction, every step of the way.     

“Hunters Capital leads their communities, offering vibrance and balance environments to their residents,” said Opiniion CEO, Justin Bingham. “At Opiniion, we appreciate the effort they make to inspire their communities and create homes, not just properties. Their use of our software to listen to and learn from their resident desires will add the integrity and balance they seek for their communities.”    

About Hunters Capital    

Hunters Capital is a boutique real estate company committed to historic preservation and community resilience in its Seattle home. Founded in 2001, Hunters Capital has curated a mixed portfolio of historic real estate and multi-family residential development. Hunters Capital is proud to not only be the owners, but also the managers of their residential properties. Providing personalized and high-quality services to their community is the forefront of who they are.

About Opiniion, Inc  

Opiniion is an automated tool for property management companies to collect authentic real-time feedback from residents. Opiniion helps companies understand residents at a deeper level, identify key issues, survey current and past residents, and collect more meaningful data around the resident experience through analytics.    

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