Increase Your Property Traffic

7 Tips To Increase Property Traffic


The multi-family property market is quite competitive right now, as a result, the Multifamily Vacancy Index rose in the first quarter of 2019, indicating an increase in vacancies according to the National Association of Home Builders. Apartment dwellers have more options. How do you increase traffic to your website and property to gain more residents and keep your property fully rented? Follow these suggestions to boost your online presence and prospective tenants.

Upgrade With Smart Technology

Millennials aren’t the only generation that appreciates artificial intelligence and the internet of things. Therefore, add amenities that make living easier, such as programmable thermostats, keyless access, and USB outlets. Use software that automates service requests or predicts routine maintenance to make residents’ lives easier.

Offer Online and Self-Guided Tours

Today’s consumers want to be able to view property on their time frame, not yours. Make sure your website has professional video and pictures of your apartments. For example, offer a self-guided tour of the apartment to allow prospective tenants to explore the property on their own. You get the benefit of focusing on conversion because you’re not allowing them a self-guided sale.

List Multi-Family Offerings on Social Media

Advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Post-professional pictures with compelling descriptions. Once you’ve put listings on social media, reward tenants for sharing them. Host a contest and give something to renters who share the post. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but a pair of movie tickets, a gift certificate for a restaurant or a private parking spot for a week make great incentives. Get your tenants involved in marketing.

Make Sure Your Google My Business Profile Is Accurate

Google is one of the most-used search engines. Therefore, consumers looking for multi-family properties will use local Google search. Your property marketing strategy must include information about your apartment complex. Think of it as a miniature brochure. Add photos to the profile. Update specials. Keep the information up-to-date and useful. You’ll get more traffic using Google My Business than you might imagine.

Geotarget Messages

You can send communications to specific geographical areas through social media and online marketing, making it easier to find people who are looking for multi-family units. Target a local university or nearby healthcare center to reach users who might be looking for availability.

Eliminate Security Deposits

Many consumers want to move but can’t come up with an extra security deposit and moving costs. However, If you can find a way to reduce or even eliminate the deposit, you may find more prospects. The benefits to your office include not having to manage those funds, issue refund checks or handle disputes over the amounts. Consider the trade-off of not having a security deposit against gaining more prospective tenants.

Boost Your Online Reviews

Furthermore, Modern consumers look for reviews of businesses before renting. Millennials and younger trust online reviews just like personal recommendations. Some consumers won’t even use a business that doesn’t have at least four stars or higher. Getting online reviews from customers can be frustrating though. Your customers may have good intentions but forget to leave a review. Higher ratings drive sales, so we help you develop a plan for making reviews part of your property marketing strategy.

Opiniion makes it easy to get reviews. Our system integrates with your CRM system. We make it easier for customers to give reviews. We also assist you as you monitor and analyze the information your customers provide. Online reviews can help prospective customers find you and decide to give you a chance. More importantly, online reviews can help your business do better. You can learn from your customer’s negative feedback. With our system, you can mediate with unhappy customers to turn them into positive advocates.

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