properties can embrace technology

How Properties Can Embrace Technology

Managing multifamily apartments can be a complex business model. Just a decade ago, the apartment industry hadn’t really embraced technology, but that is changing. As a result, the industry has seen several helpful advances that improve efficiency to let your staff focus on new opportunities.

Paperless Records Offer Multiple Benefits

Reducing your reliance on paper is good for the environment. That benefit alone should convince you to use modern property management software. However, the real advantages of such software go much deeper. Digital records are much easier to find and access, using digital contracts reduces the risk of human error. You won’t need dozens of file cabinets to store paperwork,  Your files will be safe and secure when you have the right applications. Plus, there’s no worry about documents fading or getting lost.

Technology Makes for Increased Sales Opportunities

Digital technology improves your sales operations. Lead management software makes it easier to track potential customers and follow up with them in your sales funnel. Prospects want and demand quick responses, whether your office is open or not. You can utilize call centers, auto-responses and chatbots to provide information outside of business hours. Embrace technology to offer fast responses to your prospects focusing on service.

Going Digital Improves Communication With Current Residents

Instead of relying on paper media, such as flyers, to pass information to your current tenants, digital communication lets you reach people quickly and easily. Some properties have apps that connect the office to the residents, while others use email or text. The important thing is to meet your tenants where they live, on their smartphone. You can strengthen your community by providing ways for residents to connect with others and your office. Plus, you’ll save time not having to go door to door distributing flyers and announcements.

Online Portals Simplify Management

Allowing residents to pay rent online or to request maintenance through an online app improve your staff’s efficiency. Residents can pay their rent easily whenever they have the chance. Maintenance requests can be made after hours. Maintenance personnel can be immediately notified of emergencies and specific requests that come through. Automating these requests saves your staff time and effort. Maintenance technicians can easily track what has been done and what hasn’t. Reducing paperwork lets you provide better service.

Your Portfolio Can Be Increased

Property management software can boost your ability to increase your real estate portfolio. Automating tasks that take up a lot of administrative time frees you to be a better manager and focus on long-term goals instead of dealing with daily crises and fires. Everyone on your team can stay connected no matter how far away they are from your main office. It makes sense to invest in technology that lets you be proactive to manage your properties.

Updating Technology Offers a High ROI

Simplifying processes across multiple offices keep your team on the same page. It’s easier to onboard employees or shift someone around when people go on vacation.  Additionally, using digital records saves your staff time. Technology that lets you track maintenance on each property to ensure that monthly and yearly activities are completed keeps your property looking great, which attracts more prospects. The return on investment for technology is probably more than you can imagine. Tech can be your partner in your apartment complex and free up your time to really manage your property.

Technology Is Integrating Better Than Ever

Today’s vendors are building platforms that work together instead of making property managers cobble together a system from scratch. Imagine your bookkeeping software interacting with the software that lets tenants pay rent online. Instead of spending time doing data entry, your staff can use that time to provide service to current tenants and deal with more serious issues.

Modern technology focuses on analytics to help you improve your systems. Data analysis drives today’s businesses. Technology that gives you insights into providing services more effectively and efficiently is another ROI. Use the software and applications that are available to improve business and increase your profit margin. It’s time to automate systems that boost your efficiency.

Online Reviews Entice New Customers

In conclusion, potential apartment dwellers are checking out your business through your online reviews. Get more positive reviews with the help of Opiniion. Contact us today for more information on how this can benefit your business.

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