Get More Business With Positive Online Reviews

Reviews Can Get You More Business

A majority of consumers utilize online reviews to make purchasing decisions. As a result, positive reviews can help your business thrive, while negative ones can destroy a reputation. You need to make sure your company gets plenty of positive reviews so that you can get more business from new customers. While you may think there is nothing you can do, there are ways you can influence customers to leave you good reviews.

Make Reviewing Easy

There should be multiple outlets customers can leave you a review on. These are some of the most popular review sites:

Angie’s List
Bing Places

Your business should have a presence on as many of these as possible. The three big ones that everyone should focus on is Google, Facebook and Yelp. Trying to cover your basis on all review platforms assures that no matter what social media platforms your customers use, they can find a way to say something positive about your company.

Give Customers a Reason To Rave

You cannot control what customers say about your business. The most you can do is to give everyone who steps into your building a reason to say positive things. There are a lot of ways to accomplish this. You can greet all customers with a smile and say, “Have a nice day” when they leave. A big part of this involves giving your employees the training necessary to provide excellent customer service.

Reward Employees

Many customers’ reviews will relate to how effectively an employee helped them. Therefore, you can make sure your employees are more customer service-oriented by rewarding them for getting positive reviews. An incentive program is great for any company, whether that means giving out a small bonus or a gift card.

Ask for Feedback

Even if people have good experiences, they may not necessarily go online to talk about it. During checkout, employees can ask customers, “Can you leave a review for us online?” Many businesses offer customers incentives for creating an account or checking out an online profile. Once someone is on a site, they are more likely to leave a review.

Engage With All Reviews

Sooner or later, someone will leave a bad review. You can still positively reinforce your company’s brand by responding to the review in a professional and polite manner. Apologize for the poor experience and offer a solution to do better in the future. When other customers see you responding, they get the sense that this is a business that cares. You may even change some minds. For people who leave positive reviews, a simple thank you goes a long way.

Online reviews are the way of the future. You are not doing your business any favor by ignoring them, so it is time you become engaged with what people have to say about your company. To get more and more positive online reviews, get in touch with Opiniion. Call us at 855-330-9930 to learn more.

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