1 AppFolio x Opiinion Primary Lockup

Measure and Manage
Your Resident Experience

Opiniion gives clients the solutions they need to better understand their residents’ satisfaction, every step of the way. By automating the process in which property managers collect resident feedback, generate reviews, and analyze satisfaction, we make life easy and provide powerful direction to help create a better resident experience.

Opiniion & AppFolio Integration

Opiniion partners with world-class companies to serve our valued customers and residents.
Opiniion was built to be as hands off or hands on as you want it. We can run fully automatic, custom, or a happy mix. On-site and regional staff can spend lots of time in Opiniion, or have no access at all, but still get the same great results.

Our integration with AppFolio supports this goal by letting clients control how they use our platform, and ensure that our platform’s automated features can be used to their full extent. 


– No need for manual data uploads
– Data validation which avoids duplicate entries, and runs fully autonomously
– Trigger-based automations to ensure frequent, even touch points across your portfolio and locations
– Review gating compliant
– Increases conversion rates by gathering feedback and generating reviews following key resident interactions
– No worrying if residents are left out. Opiniion + AppFolio means we handle it all

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